Call For Submissions: The Digital Muddy

With a desire to engage the expanding modalities of film and media, the Big Muddy Film Festival announces a call for digital media submissions for the 2015 Digital Muddy program to coincide with the Big Muddy Film Festival in Carbondale, Illinois. Selected works will represent a fresh ongoing curation of various trends and practices that engage the illusive notion of the expanding digital narrative. All new and traditional genres will be considered.

Particular attention will be paid to new media, net art, interactive, website based projects, webisodes, digital imaging, user generated imagery, participatory, experimental, social engagement, etc. and sound, film, video, animation that in many ways eludes or refutes its placement inside the black box theater.

This inaugural showcase will be juried by digital artist and curator Nia Burks. The selected work will be showcased online via the Digital Muddy 2015 website, a segment of the Big Muddy Film Festival site.

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