The Selections Are In!

We are proud to announce the films which have been selected for this year’s festival. There were many great entries, and while we would love to show you every film we received, ultimately, we only have so much time and so many screens. This year, you can look forward to seeing:

Morning Coffee, Tracy Miller-Robbins
Lola on Ice, Anita C George
Leap, Susan Shay Brugger
The Moose Emergency, Thomas Nico & Becky Nicol
The Journey, Puthima Wongdeeprasith
Deep in the Woods, Soyeon Kim
twenty-five, Alex Cunningham
…still, Alvalia Pemberton
The Shadow of Your Smile, Alexei Dmitriev
at the edge of the river, Mike Rollo
Hansel + Gretel, Soyeon Kim
Switch Man, Hsun-Chun Chuang & Shao-Kuei Tong
Crocodile, Matt Harris-Freeth
Muir, Chandler Ellison
Swallowed Whole, Heidi Kumao
Eclectic Brackets, Bryce Richardson
Lilly Gets A Pet, The Bum Family
Rosso Papavero, Martin Smatana
Olilo, Ao Li
Anatomical Gifts, Michaela O’Brien
A passion of gold and fire, Sébastien Pins
Arca Archa, Sarah El Bakkouri
Blush (2015), Kyungmin Ko
Hey Deer!, Örs Bárczy
The Red Thunder, Alvaro Ron
Some Forgotten Calculation, C.S. Ward
Light Angle Sieve, Timothy David Orme
Emily Yvonne, Hsuan Ho & Silver Paul
Heart Connected, Saham Hosseini
black widow summer set, Rajee Samarasinghe
On Surgery, Russell Sheaffer & Aaron Michael Smith
SoundPrint, monteith
El Portal, J. Robinson
Parting, Gregg Biermann
24/7 Shimogamo,  Michael Lyons
Imaginary fiend, Diana Galimzyanova
on making, Patrick Moser
TEST, Jay Lifton
It Had Wings, Ellen Hemphill & Jim Haverkamp
River, Stephanie Maxwell
Kuwabara Kuwabara, Elizabeth Williams
In Memory, Alastair Clayton
More From Form, Sean Bokenkamp
Ferdinand Knapp, Andrea Baldini
Still Life, Austin Thomas Wood
War Prayer, Richard Wiebe
The Iris Looks Bright, Gloria Chung
K7, Jan Inberg
Every Row a Path, Jill Freidberg
Then Then Then, Daniel Schioler
Pan Zhog, Hsin-Wei Chen
The Gold Fish Casino, Sarolta Jane Cump
The Cut, Beryl Magoko
Bonton + Ideal, Craig Weflen
The Greatest Honor, Kane Farabaugh
Rubbertown, Remington Smith
East LA Interchange, Betsy Kalin
Whatever Comes Next, Hildegard Elisabeth Keller
You See Me, Linda J. Brown
Rosehill, Brigitta Wagner
The Seventh Fire, Jack Pettibone Riccobono
Dark Horse Candidate, Liss Platt
Right Footed, Nick Spark
Welcome to the Circus, Courtney Coulson
EKAJ, Cati Gonzalez
Creditors, Ben Cura
In Football We Trust, Tony Vainuku & Erika Cohn
Max Peril, Frank Ladner
The First Secret City, Alison Carrick & C.D. Stelzer
Tiny Town, Stephen Baker/Howard Cook
Tiny Power, Chen Chang
Out of Green Stuff Woven, Elizabeth Henry
Anxiety #5, Jesse Foster
Burnt, Devin Bell
Disambiguation, Phoebe Tooke
derivation of the mean lifetime, Phoebe Tooke
The House You Were Born In, John Powers
We Are Fucked: An Environmental Film, Andrew Sobey
Birthday, Chris King
Technical Difficulties of Intimacy, Joel Moffett
Grief Sleeps, Timothy Marc Hopper
Don’t mess with the Sharkies, Richard Rabelbauer
Living Like Kings, Benjamin Kaplan
Freak the Language, Sam Hampton
Up River, Doug Swift
H.O.M.E., Daniel Maldonado
Paul Sharits, Francois Miron
The End Of The Line, Sellus Wilder

Once again, congratulations to our selected films, and thank you to everyone who submitted. To everyone else, we’ll see you for the opening of the festival on the 23rd.