What’s Happening Thursday at the Big Muddy?

After braving the storm yesterday to bring you the best in independent cinema, The Big Muddy Film Festival is back with an armload of new reels.

At 4pm, you can join us at the Student Center auditorium for a selection of amazing documentaries. First, on a topic completely unrelated to increasingly severe winter weather, we bring you Andrew Sobey’s We Are Fucked: An Environmental Film.  When you’re making an environmental film, it’s important to end on a hopeful note, it can’t be all doom and gloom. We Are Fucked: An Environmental Film looks at its own genre and offers a new formula for both structure and content in environmental filmmaking. Through the lens of a series of shorts about ocean acidification, the film plainly lays out the stakes, challenging both audience and filmmaker to think and act differently.

A Passion of Gold and Fire, by Sebastien Pins looks at a beekeeper, who shares his worries about the future of his apiary school. A passion of gold and fire which definitely helps our environment to keep on living.

Courtney Coulson’s Welcome to the Circus is a story about Palestine rarely told; One of optimism, hope, and the pursuit of a dream in the occupied territories. Set in the West Bank city of Ramallah, The Palestinian Circus School welcomes the LIDO, a circus school from France, into their home. In
one month, the two schools must come together to create a mobile circus for the children of Palestine.

Continuing the theme of documentary, at 6pm, our second Juror presentation will be held in the Student Center Auditorium, with Heather Elliott-Famularo: Bearing Witness. Heather Elliott-Famularo will be presenting on her most recent research, her award-winning documentary film Bearing Witness: The Voices of Our Survivors. This documentary is a piece of a larger collaborative work titled, Bearing Witness: Social Responsibility in the Shadow of the Holocaust.

After the Q & A and presentation, at 8pm, we have Francois Miron’s Paul Sharits. This film is a long overdue documentary film on the work, the influence, the life and the mysterious death of legendary experimental filmmaker Paul Sharits. The film uses never before seen archives of all types and out takes, rare interviews with people in the Avant-Garde scene and experimental cinema historians.

If you can’t get on campus today, don’t despair! The Fest will also be coming out into the community for a 6pm showing at the Varsity Theater in Carbondale. Whatever Comes Next, by Hildegard Keller is a documentary portrays the American painter Annemarie Mahler. She
looks back on her 88 years on two continents and in two centuries and unfolds an intimate conversation with herself and her dog in front of the camera.

Betsy Kalin’s East LA Interchange follows the evolution of working-class, immigrant Boyle Heights and how one neighborhood managed to survive the construction of the largest and busiest freeway interchange in the nation. The film explores the shifting face of community in the United States today and argues why it should matter to us all.

And, of course, as every day during the festival, you can go check out a curated selection of experimental and animated film at the University Museum.