Water Sustainability Films Presented By The Big Muddy Film Festival

Two films relating to water issues from the archives of the Big Muddy will be screened as a part of the Confluences: Art and Water Project for the Carbondale Community Arts Center on Sunday, December 11, 2016 at 2 PM at the Carbondale Community Arts Center. We’ll be showing:

Between Two Rivers (2012)

Directed by: Jacob Cartwright and Nick Jordan

Project Website: http://www.betweentworivers.net/

Between Two Rivers is a new documentary film about Cairo, Illinois, a historic town with a dark and troubled past, located at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers, in the heartland of America.

Filmed, edited and directed by artists Jacob Cartwright and Nick Jordan, Between Two Rivers offers a remarkable insight into a community struggling with severe economic, social and environmental pressures.Researched and filmed over a four-year period, the film combines original cinematography and candid interviews with archive footage, unseen for over 40 years, capturing the town at the height of explosive racial tensions in the late Sixties. In 1969 Cairo witnessed the last pitched battles of the American civil-rights movement, at a defining moment in the nation’s history. The film illustrates the long-term impact of the violent civil unrest, economic boycotts, curfews and martial law that so deeply divided the community.

Taking PinhooImage result for elaine lawless and todd lawrencek (2014)

Directed By: Elaine Lawless and Todd Lawrence

Project Website: https://rebuildpinhook.org/

Taking Pinhook is a new documentary about Pinhook and its displaced residents following the intentional breaching of the Birds Point – New Madrid levee. It screened for the first time at an event that was part of the University of Missouri Black Studies Department’s Black History Month Series. Several Pinhook residents were in attendance including Debra Tarver and Aretha Robinson. They answered audience questions following the screening along with the directors.