Beneath The Crawlspace

Short | 14 min 50 sec

When a former priest looks to open a new church, the secrets beneath it slowly create a nightmare.

About the Artist

Lucas Ostrowski

Lucas Ostrowski has been an Independent Filmmaker for over 10 years with his production company Guerilla Art Productions. Lucas earned his Master of Fine Arts in Film Production from Ohio University in Athens, Ohio. He also received a Bachelor of Science in Film/Video Production and a Bachelor of Science in Communications from Grand Valley State University in Allendale, MI.  Many of his short films have played at festivals and screenings all around the United States. His medium of choice is Super 8 but he does enjoy working with DV, HD, and 16mm cameras. His favorite types of films to produce are Rock Documentaries and “Granola Horror” or regional, Independent horror with a personal twist. He is passionate about the Midwest and enjoys working with other local, independent artist. His favorite aspect of the film process is the collaboration, creativity, and community one gets when working on an independent, low-budget film set. 



Lucas Ostrowski


Lucas Ostrowski


Lucas Ostrowski


Chris Wegman

Makeup & Special Effects

Mindy Barker

Head of Art Dept.

Desiree Holton


Michael Maurer

Principal Cast

Matthew Gretzinger Karen M. Chan | Gary Martin

Friday, February 24, 2017

Soundstage Room 1116 (SIUC Mass Communications Building)


(Following The Itching, Panic Attack, Monsters, Sam, What Happened to Her & Schizophrenia)

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 Beneath the Crawlspace Teaser 1

Beneath the Crawlspace Teaser 2

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