Death on a Rock

Narrative | Feature | 1 hour 22 min

Portland filmmaker Scott Ballard’s (A STANDING STILL, WELCOMING DEPARTURE) latest feature follows a young woman coming to terms with a trying event in her life. Lillian’s (Rachael Perrell Fosket) bright outlook – she loves her job in a flower shop and has a sweet budding relationship with her boyfriend – is rocked by illness. Days spent in long term care at the hospital bring reflection, desperation, and some family tension. This vibrantly shot tale follows Lillian’s year of happiness, pain, and growth, told through flashbacks and drifting between memories and shifting consciousness. Seen through a framework of loss, Death On A Rock is a bittersweet tale balanced between tragedy and levity.

About the Artist

Scott Ballard

Scott Ballard is an award-winning writer, director, producer and director of photography with 15 years experience behind the camera creating narrative features, shorts, documentaries and music videos. His most recent work, Death On A Rock has played 35 festivals around the world, winning Best Actress & Best Ensemble Cast at the 2015 LA Indie Film Festival; Best Female Role at the 2015 Philadelphia Film Festival; Grand Jury Prize Best Narrative Feature at the 2015 Columbia Gorge International Film Festival; Best Feature Film at the 2016 Boise International Film Festival and the 2016 Ozark Foothills Film Festival, and Best Editing at the 2016 Southampton International Film Festival along with 9 additional nominations.



Scott Ballard


Scott Ballard


Scott Ballard | Jordan Eusebio | Meghan Lybrand

Principal Cast

Rachael Perrell-Foske | Erin McGarryKaty Beckemeyer

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

SIUC Student Center


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Death on a Rock - Trailer