Digital Muddy 2.0 - Publication: Print to Screen

In the position of Juror, I thought about the terms of curatorial process, here I found conflict in the duty of these titles Juror, and Curator vs. Exhibition and Festival.

I thought of creating an open call for a thematic online exhibition, but then I thought, why a festival If an online exhibition?

Digital Muddy festival was born out of The Muddy Film Festival. I asked myself what happened that there was a need for a new entity rather than just adding a new category to the existing festival. Basically it was because of presentation. Traditionally film festivals are screened in a cinematic setting; here the new category Digital was just to broad a category and many of the works were not made for just presentation. This all sounds very simple, but really not.

I see as a publication. The publication is user friendly, and the information can be viewed, individually or collectively. The festival will continue to expand adding dimension to the terms, perspectives, and most definitely positions where these works, practices can be seen and further explored. One could also refer to the site as instructional for installation or presentation.

My objective as a curator is to pursue information as a survey; that can be structured as theme or narrative. It is my sincere intention for you to expand upon my findings. My criteria for these selected works were based on artist objective, craft, and experimentation with the uses of both new and traditional mediums, concept, and process.

Cultural producer, Michele Thursz, juror