Belinda Haikes - Manhatten

Trinity is the first of a suite ongoing video animations that explore the moment of the birth of the atomic age.

Artist Statement

I explore the transformative poetic space of human experience as it intersects technology. My visual language engages the world around us; the landscape and its people, the history and the potential become connections through technology. However, these connections are not without an impractical end as I seek a social utopia, that ideal perfect imagined space of the modernist ethos. It is a space where possibility occurs, and potentiality reigns, sites where history, and the present tense collide. In this space, peopled with the expanding playground of technology I attempt to explore the possibilities of our digital and social selves through. This is where I play.


Belinda Haikes is a conceptually driven interdisciplinary artist, designer, and writer whose work examines digital and social relationships. Recent exhibitions and screenings include the Ackland Museum, (Chapel-HIll, NC), the Philadelphia Fringe Festival, and The NMC 10 traveling exhibition. Recently her Manhatten: Trinity project work was featured on Creative Capital’s On our Radar program. She is a member of the experimental sound and multi-media ensemble group, Pilottone. Belinda is currently Assistant Professor in the Department of Art and Art History at The College of New Jersey. She makes things everyday.