Lucas Battich


I am interested in “the screen” as both actual and metaphorical sites of mediation among desiring human subjects ; where we are represented under restrictions, but also present ourselves with passion. Inspired by my own ambivalent relationships to “the screen” and the ideological forces behind it, I often use my body or performances to blur the dichotomies, such as object / subject, virtual / real, digital / analog, two dimensionality / three dimensionality, fascination / disgust, desire / aversion etc. Through the above process, I explore the intricacy of the viewing and desiring subjects that are often undermined in the male-oriented, capitalist culture.


Minkyung Choi is a South Korean video/performance/new media artist who works in Los Angeles, USA. Min's work explores the intricacy of viewing and desiring subjects focusing on the idea of "the screen". Min recently graduated from CalArts with a MFA degree. Her works have been featured at SOMArts, San Francisco, The Blue Cube Gallery, Ventura for her solo exhibition, Cirrus Gallery, Los Angeles, Bronx Art Space, NYC, FLEXfest(Florida Experimental film festival) among others.