Andrew Jon Cote’


Throughout my career as an artist I have had a constant drive to keep learning, experimenting, and not accepting personal limitations. I strive to reach complications and setbacks in the production of my own work in order to overcome them and grow from them. After experimenting with audio, video, and animation I had found a combination of the three that ultimately led me to the creation of my work “Unison”. I have always had a constant mindset through my work of exploring the effects of industry and nature, virtual and physical worlds, and what it means to be alive. 3D animation intermixed with video was the most natural progression for me to learn and grow while further exploring these themes. “Unison”, in my eyes, is not only a personal exploration into how the term “life” comes into play in the virtual and physical world, but also represents the union of my experiences and technical knowledge from my audio, video, and 3d animation background.


Andrew Jon Cote’ is a digital artist who works primarily in the convergence of 3d animation and video. His work primarily deals with the themes of interaction between the virtual world and the physical world. He received his BFA in Kinetic Imaging at Virginia Commonwealth University in winter of 2013. His work has been exhibited in the Tasmeem Conference in Doha, Qatar; VCU 2013 Student Film Festival; VCUarts Juried Student Show at the Anderson Gallery; and has been featured and interviewed in the Stigmart Europe Videofocus 14. Since graduating from VCU, Andrew has been working full time as a Visual Effects Artist and Motion Graphics Animator for a post-production house in Richmond, VA. He is constantly experimenting and building up his own personal aesthetic and expanding his skillset while applying his fine arts abilities to projects across the commercial and entertainment industry.