how to cure our soul

Conversation, 2011-2014


Through a personal use of digital and analog instruments, how to cure our soul delves into philosophy, natural and human landscapes and communication, by producing videos, music and photos, which are outcomes of a personal reinterpretation of reality.

how to cure our soul operates on time's signs, on its transits which leave full ruts on the surface, drawing existential descriptive trajectories to be followed with care.


how to cure our soul is a Abruzzi-based audio-visual artist duo; founded in 2010 by Marco Marzuoli (Atri, 1982) and later joined by Alessandro Sergente (Pescara, 1983), already active as a guitarist in Zippo band. Both graduated in Fine Arts, the duo created a universe of visions and sounds. Their work has been presented in the form of live sets, happenings, exhibitions, installations and screenings, in Italy and in the rest of the world. Their fundamental audiovisual production includes: Conversation, 2011-2014, Tabula Rasa (II Silence) and Immobility: I The Tension.