Anna Kryvenko

Silently Like a Comet


In my work at the moment I am interested in the possibility to show emotions through visual space, that are almost physical felt. I work with the theme of personal biography and family. How person feels in a new country, when memories are beginning to catch up him in the eternal search for his place and territory. Exactly from this point of view now I'm interested in the theme of war or political conflicts, such as last year revolution in Kiev. New technologies and emotional visuality.

Work Description
In my new film I'm interested in the possibilities of a found-footage material. The revolution on Kiev’s Maidan as a close-up of the city. Recycled amateur footage from the internet offers an ironic commentary on the spectacular narratives by which the media described events in Ukraine at the turn of the year. Selected and shown out of context, the various sequences break down the events into individual, slow-motion fragments before reassembling them in an emotional collage of incomprehensible unrest and random moments on the street.


Anna Kryvenko is a video and fine art photography artist. She is a student of the Center for Audiovisual Studies at Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU, Prague). Her films and performances were screened at Fluidum Festival, Famufest student Film Festival, Jihlava Documentary Film Festival, Intermedia BB (Slovakia) atc., she participated in several group exhibitions. With her found-footage film Silently Lika a Comet she won prize for the Best Experimental Act at FAMUFEST, Prague, Czech Republic.