Chris Little


The last episode of “Newhart” closed with Bob Newhart waking up on a different show he was previously in titled “The Bob Newhart Show.” The movie “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” is the same movie as “Chinatown”, replacing Chinatown with Toon-town. The representation of the thing by its opposite. Jennifer Aniston's cast members play a prank on her by listening to the “Friends” theme song. Gene Hackman played a surveillance expert in both “The Conversation” and “Enemy of the State” some twenty-four years later. My film conflates the “real” with the “fictional” through the lens of a black hole. Paul is dead. All the has once directly lived has become mere representation.


Born: 1986
First Concert: Limp Bizkit 1999
Saw Dennis Hopper get out of a car: 2006
MFA University of Illinois at Chicago: 2014
Extra on the Fox Drama: 2015