Eric Souther

Dissecting Muybridge | Part One: The Moving Image


I explore the ritualistic spaces, masks, and myths of media and how they change the way we perceive our world over time. I am interested in deconstructing the invisible structures of our technologically saturated culture and the materialization of digital aesthetics.

I intentionally place myself in spaces of information overload. As I navigate this space, I sift through its complexities and patterns, and over time start to build an understanding of how I exist within it. It is in this spirit of exploration that I create new ways of seeing and experiencing our digital existence.


ERIC SOUTHER is a video and new media artist who creates custom software for manipulating audio and video in real-time. His interest includes the materialization of digital aesthetics and the ritualistic spaces of media. He received his M.F.A in Electronic Integrated Arts from Alfred University in Alfred, New York. He is currently an Assistant Professor of New Media at IU South Bend.