Mathew Galindo - Split/Image

A collaborative improvistion that explores the expressive form of the body and the electronic image.

Artist Statement

Mathew Galindo is a mixed media artist working with film, video and sound. His work is influenced by experimental and expanded cinema as well as the Chicanx art movements. As a Chicanx Futurist, Galindo is inspired by his cultural traditions and deviations, as well as identity and politics that surround the southwest border. Galindo’s work explores the link between media and memory. Often creating a pastiche of image and sound, Galindo uses documentary and experimental modes to show the link between perception of memory and space, and the intersection of culture and technology. Galindo aims to create a shared voice within minority communities by creating visual metaphors through his work.

Artist Bio

Mathew Galindo was born in Southern New Mexico and is currently living and working out of East Harlem, New York. Galindo is a media based artist, filmmaker, and musician in his second year at Hunter's IMA MFA program. He earned his BA in Media Arts from The University of New Mexico. In 2016 he started working with E.S.P TV, a mobile television studio that uses contemporary and obsolete equipment to realize the live television studio as a site for performance-based works. He has performed at WhiteBox art space and various venues around New York City. In 2015 he was a teaching artist in residence with PWRPLNT and had a collaborative exhibition of The Listening Wall at Shuaspace in New Jersey. His films have been shown at the Experiments in Cinema Film Festival and Ende Tymes Festival. He is a member of the large sound ensemble Death Convention Singers and has recordings released on independent labels.