Nicholas DiMichele - Rust Golem

Rust Golem is the world's first Choose-Your-Own-Path virtual reality music video to be filmed in 360 degree live action! Guide your protagonists as they try and escape the dungeon of the Rust Golem, full of magic, mystery, and 8-bit video game stylings. Featuring six distinct endings and a rigorous display of hand-rotoscoped animated elements in complete 360 degree video. Rust Golem is a fun, spooky adventure that begs to be played again and again! **IMPORTANT: When streaming, this game requires a strong internet connection and graphics card. We recommend you download the application (Mac or PC) from the main page to ensure you see a good quality version without interruption. Contact us with any support questions, we'd be happy to help!


Nicholas DiMichele is a music producer and 360 post-production supervisor. He has worked for NYTimes, MTV, Interscope records and more as part of TotalCinema 360, and produced over 30 records in Brooklyn, NY.