Shane Csontos-Popko - Final Flight

Final Flight is a science-fiction representation of the maximum level of consciousness attainable by human beings through technology. The movie is an explorative monologue of an artificial intelligence, beset with its irreversible transcendence versus the destructive nature of humanity. Resisting to be a part of the end of Earth, the AI leaves, only to drift for years unknown in the void of space. It is upon this time in exile,that the boundaries between organic and inorganic consciousness become blurred. This brings about the temporal nature of human existence, and self reflection, allowing the sentient machine to realize they are the only remaining remnant of humanity and conscious thought.


I have always had an invested interest in science fiction themed cinema and illustrations. As a child I would lay on my hammock, and stare up at the night sky for what felt like hours. My mind was boggled with the infinite possibilities of what reality really is, and yet it felt comfortable not knowing. At that age I couldn’t even grasp one percentage of the existential theories that I am aware of today. When I go towards a undefined direction, such as space, dreams, or imagination, the content I create can be limitless and fantastic. These undefined parameters allow me to break away from the norm and repetitive nature in visual storytelling today. There is a certain comfort zone that people tend to stick to in storytelling, ie staying away from taboo topics, making the audience happy/having closure, or retelling the same story in a slight variation of it’s original form. We as humans tend to gravitate towards these cliches because our own story is undefined. All of us that have ever existed are on a rock floating through space. Life cannot be more undefined than that. Of course we have religions that attempt to put forth answers to life’s great mysteries, however this cheapens it for me. This is why the themes in my artwork gravitate towards the inner mind and the outer space. These two topics are of great interest to me because of the unknowns tied to them. One is internal while the other is external, but both seem equally vast and infinite, with untold possibilities or endings. This is what I strive to embrace in my artwork and thought process.


Shane Csontos-Popko was born in Phoenix, Arizona in 1987. The son of two artists, Shane would grow up with a deep appreciation and understanding of the artistic world. Shane’s undergraduate work would focus on a degree in Visual Communications in Illustration, and a double minor in Japanese and East Asian Studies from the University of Arizona. Graduating cume laude, Shane would immediately begin his master’s studies (2013-2015) at the School of Visual Arts, in New York, the following semester in the Computer Art and Animation department. With a strong 2D background, Shane gravitated towards 3D and live action compositing for his final thesis. In his free time, Shane enjoys weight lifting, traveling with his girlfriend, and playing Xbox. Past clients include Caltech’s Jensen Labs, and Glamour Magazine.