Tatiana Istomina - Scary Stories

Scary Stories is a participatory web-based project, which combines digital drawing and storytelling. I invite the participants to tell me a “scary” story and discuss anything that concerns them in their own lives or the life of the society; additionally, I ask them to make a digital drawing in response to another person’s story. I later edit the stories and drawings into short films, which are distributed online and shown in art exhibitions and screenings. Recorded at different locations in the US, from New York and Pittsburgh to San Antonio, the films create a collective narrative of today’s America with its diverse cultural landscape and ongoing social, racial and economic tensions. The Scary Story archive today consists of 30 short films, their length ranging from 1 to 11 minutes.


Tatiana Istomina is a multimedia artist and writer living in New York. Her projects have been featured in exhibitions and screenings across the US and abroad; venues include Moscow Museum of Modern Art, Blue Star Contemporary Art Museum, the Drawing Center, and the Bronx Museum. Istomina is a recipient of numerous awards, including the AAF Prize for Fine Arts, Joan Mitchell Foundation grant, the Chenven foundation grant and the Spillways Fellowship.