Experimental | Short | 5 min 54 sec

A traveler who uses Doorcuts can experience the infinity in shortcuts. Opening a Doorcut is a cinch way to skip the middle-ground in travel and unleash a world of destinations. Though it may be transparent to access doors that fold space, linking alternate universes, as the short-cuts are exploited hospitality closes a two way door.

About the Artist

Zak Tatham

Zak Tatham (born 1984 in Toronto, Ontario) started making videos in high school on borrowed video cameras and editing through a VHS, then he upgraded to editing on his friends computers. He attended OCAD (The Ontario College of Art and Design) to earn a BFA in Integrated Media. While there he studied video/film and hand processing 16mm film while also forming the production company Family Contact (which includes Aaron Manczyk and Efehan Elbi. In the years beyond he has become an animator/cinematographer focusing on digital special effects and compositing in important comedies, sci-fi’s and other strong genre’s. Along with staying athletic Zak has created over 60 short films and videos, including the Living With Friends (.com) webseries with Family Contact and the easy rider sci-fi road-trip Spacebreakers (In Post-Production).



Zac Tatham


Zac Tatham


Zac Tatham


Zac Tatham


Efehan Elbi

Art Director

Aaron Manczyk


Man Made Hill

Key Cast

Jesi the Younger

Friday, February 24, 2017

University Museum


(Following Cliff, Superfan, Altimir, No Stories Can Be Told - All The Deals Have Already Been Made & Fish)

Saturday, February 25, 2017



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Doorcuts - Trailer