Please Note: This film is Rated R for Extremely Bizarre Sexuality, Graphic Nudity, Disturbing Violence and Images, Language and Drug Use. Age restriction on admittance may be present.

Broadcasting through a makeshift network of discarded televisions, this story is tangled up in the aftermath of Los Angeles's worst earthquake nightmare. Travel between screens and aftershocks into the twisted lives of the survived.

Year: 2017

Running Time: 92 mins

Director: Steve "Flying Lotus" Ellison

Screenwriters: Steve "Flying Lotus" Ellison, David Firth, Zack Fox

Editors: Steven "Flying Lotus" Ellison, Lucas Lynch

Cinematographers: Norm Li, Danny Hiele, Benjamin Goodman

Eddie Alcazar

Principal Cast: Iesha Coston, Anders Holm, Tim Heidecker and Zack Fox

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