Relocation, Arkansas – Aftermath of Incarceration

Documentary | Feature | 1 hour 19 min

In 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, which sent nearly 120,000 Americans of Japanese ancestry, most of them American citizens, to hastily built prison camps. Two of those camps were in America’s Deep South: at Rohwer and Jerome, Arkansas, both rural communities located in the Mississippi River Delta, an undeveloped, depressed, but beautiful, landscape. Paul Takemoto grew up far from Arkansas. His mother and her parents had been arrested and imprisoned in both of the Arkansas camps. Now a grown man, he returns to Arkansas with one thought: how has what happened here made me who I am? Relocation, Arkansas explores the events that forever altered the lives of American citizens and intersected with the American Civil Rights Movement, and mines the irony of prejudice, and the power of reconciliation.

About the Artist

Vivienne Schiffer

Vivienne Schiffer is a native of Rohwer, Arkansas. Previously a senior corporate partner at the international law firm of Thompson & Knight, LLP in Houston, Texas, Vivienne is now a documentary filmmaker and author. Her novel about the Rohwer incarceration camp, Camp Nine, was published by the University of Arkansas Press to critical acclaim, garnering a Booklist starred review. Camp Nine was honored as the If All Arkansas Read the Same Book selection for 2013 by the Arkansas Library Association, and was awarded the 2014 Suzannah DeBlack Book Award in Arkansas History by the Arkansas Historical Association, and the 2013 Arkansiana Adult Fiction Award by the Arkansas Library Association. Vivienne is a frequent lecturer on the Japanese American incarceration experience. Relocation, Arkansas – Aftermath of Incarceration is her first film.



Vivienne Schiffer


Johanna Demetrakas

Director of Photography

Pablo Bryant | John Carrithers


Vivienne Schiffer


Linda Hattendorf


Amman Abbasi

Post Production Consultant

Douglas O’Connor

SIUC Student Center

Thursday, Feb 23, 2017


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