Drama | Short | 16 min 39 sec

Locked away in a US prison’s solitary confinement unit, an inmate fights to stay human and endure the compounding psychological effects of total isolation.

About the Artist

Derek J. Pastuszek

Born in notorious West Philadelphia, raised in a hardened Ukrainian-American household, and battle-tested in hockey rinks nationwide since his infancy, Derek J. Pastuszek is flat-out lucky to have made it thus far, miraculously with all of his teeth still intact. Athlete, academic, and artist all in one, he holds a BS in Film & Television, a BA in English (both from Boston University, Magna cum Laude, 2012), and now an MFA (from the AFI Conservatory, 2015). A lifelong high-level hockey player, Pastuszek played in all four collegiate years at BU – serving as team captain as a junior and senior – all while continuing to forge his own path in both film and fiction under the tutelage of professional mentors. In his post-graduate year, he worked for the Philadelphia Flyers’ Snider Hockey Foundation – sharing his love for hockey, along with off-ice tutorship and mentorship, to inner city Philadelphia’s at-risk youth. During this time, he also wrote and directed a number of book trailers and music videos for authors and musicians in the Northeast.



Derek J. Pastuszek


Derek J. Pastuszek


Halee Bernard | Fabrizio Muscia | Cedric Gamelin

Principal Cast

Kofi Bambo

Friday, Feb 24, 2017

Longbranch Cafe & Bakery


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