About The Crew

Who are we?

The Big Muddy Crew is a student-run organization at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale that focuses a majority of their time running one of the oldest, student-run film festivals in Illinois, dating all the way back to 1979.

What we do?

Our goal is to create a film festival that not only encourages all kinds of filmmaking including, but not limited to: documentary, animation, narrative and experimental film. We watch each film, screen some to the public to collect feedback and over the course of the year, we put together what’s known as The Big Muddy Film Festival. On top of the Big Muddy Film Festival, we also host two other film festivals. They are The Little Muddy Film and Media Festival, where we promote SIUC student work, and The Digital Muddy Media Festival, where we exhibit all types of expanding media in today’s times.

And did I mention, we produce short promos and short clips for our festivals as well? Because we do.

If any this sounds interesting to you, join us for a meeting. We meet every Thursday at 6 PM in the SIUC Communications Building’s New Media Center. 


 Meet the Crew

Hassan Pitts – Executive Director

Hassan Pitts is an interdisciplinary artist interested in fashioning images around absorption, sensation, emotion, movement, and gesture.  Currently, he splits his time examining issues of memory and location with themes of transience manifested physically, emotionally, and digitally.  Hassan received a BA in German studies from Denison University, a BFA in photography from Kutztown University, and holds an MFA from Virginia Commonwealth University School of the Arts.  Hassan’s work has been extensively shown in galleries, museums and film/video festivals in North America, Europe, and Asia.  He regularly collaborates with electronic artist Jennida Chase under the moniker S/N as well as performing nationally with experimental sound and multi-media ensemble Pilottone.

Caleb Bunn – Chair of The Big Muddy Film Festival


Caleb Bunn is a Cinema/Photography student with a minor in Classics at Southern Illinois-Carbondale who aspires to be both a writer and director upon graduating. A major focus of his is developing narratives with large focuses on character development and he’s excited to have a major role in making the Big Muddy even greater than it already is.

Danny Robbins – Chair of the Little Muddy Film Festival


Danny Robbins is a Cinema/Photography student at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale with hopes to be a video editor, working a lot with independent film projects. This is his third year involved with Big Muddy and he’s excited to be making the Little Muddy Film Festival the best it can be.

 Julius Jefferson – Head of Production


Julius Jefferson is a current Cinema/Photography student and aspiring artist with an ever-growing ambition. He has studied several forms of art such as drawing/painting, sculpting, filmmaking, creative writing, etc. Writing stories is his biggest interest and what some consider to be his most promising skill. And although Julius was previously both Treasurer and President of the Big Muddy, he now runs production of the group’s in-house promotional material.

Kelechi Aguwuncha – Head of Advertising


Kelechi Aguwuncha is currently a Cinema/Photography student with a minor in Environmental Science at Southern Illinois University-Carbondale. She is a multimedia artist with a particular interest in mediums such as sculpting and experimental filmmaking. A major interest of hers is going out into the world and shedding light on issues that aren’t highly covered in today’s media in order to create a new, diverse wave in the arts of communications.

Kennedy Joseph –  Head of Web Design


Kennedy Joseph is a Cinema/Photography and English student at Southern Illinois-University. Her passions include writing and the art of analyzing film form and the creative process that goes into filmmaking with hopes to later in life become a film professor.

Martha Osornio  – Secretary


Martha Osornio is both a current Cinema/Photography student at Southern Illinois University Carbondale and an aspiring filmmaker. Also, with a minor in art, Martha plans to work with other artists and filmmakers in her hometown, Chicago, to make work with messages regarding gentrification and immigration issues.


Other Big Muddy Crew Members: 

Alex Vincent

Dylan Gibson

Joey Burrow

Jack Childers

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