The Island of Lost Things

Comedy | Short | 10 min

Ezequiel finds himself on a mysterious island where he encounters memories both happy and sad in this wry, evocative, and surreal short comedy-drama.

About the Artist

Thomas Javier Castillo

Filmmaker and Assistant Professor in the Department of Theatre and Film at Bowling Green State University. My films explore memory, history, geography and identity. As a filmmaker, I create short-form pieces that blend my interests in politics, history, space, and place with DIY visual design principles and experimental production methods. As a filmmaker, I am interested in “uncommon images”: vintage lenses, distressed media, split-screens, rotoscoping, oddball soundtracks and other forms of cinematic intervention.



Thomas Javier Castillo


Thomas Javier Castillo


Thomas Javier Castillo


Bob Walters | Thomas Javier Castillo

Principal Cast

Gary Martin | Casey Lehto Bob Walters